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Practical security automation and testing

Security automation is the automatic handling of software security assessments tasks. This book helps you to build your security automation framework to scan for vulnerabilities without human intervention.

This book will teach you to adopt security automation techniques to continuously improve your entire software development and security testing. You will learn to use open source tools and techniques to integrate security testing tools directly into your CI/CD framework. With this book, you will see how to implement security inspection at every layer, such as secure code inspection, fuzz testing, Rest API, privacy, infrastructure security, and web UI testing.

With the help of practical examples, this book will teach you to implement the combination of automation and Security in DevOps. You will learn about the integration of security testing results for an overall security status for projects.

By the end of this book, you will be confident implementing automation security in all layers of your software development stages and will be able to build your own in-house security automation platform throughout your mobile and cloud releases.


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Penerbit Packt Publishing Ltd : BIRMINGHAM - MUMBAI.,
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viii, 240 Halaman, 23 cm
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